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#34 Back to School Edition 2023 Thumbnail

#34 Back to School Edition 2023

It’s that time of the year where everyone starts to go back to school. In honor of the season, Emily and Amanda dive into the student loan repayments that will be resuming soon. Then they switch over to how they approach saving and investing for children’s college education with 529 plans. Finally, they answer a listener question: “I overspent on my recent vacation. What should I do?”

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#33 Lights, Camera, Finance Thumbnail

#33 Lights, Camera, Finance

Emily and Amanda discuss finance topics that came up in two summer blockbusters of 2023: Barbie (white collar crime) and Mission Impossible (crypto). They wrap up with a response to a listener question: "I bought a stock and it went down. I was sad and upset about it, so what should I do?"

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#32 Cash in on Fun: Talking Hobbies Thumbnail

#32 Cash in on Fun: Talking Hobbies

Emily and Amanda dive into financial planning of hobbies this episode. Working with clients, we've found that a lot of people don't budget for their hobbies, despite them being one of the most joyful parts of their life. Then Emily and Amanda discuss when a hobby turns into a business and potential tax consequences.

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#31 It's Summertime, but the Markets Aren't Easy Thumbnail

#31 It's Summertime, but the Markets Aren't Easy

Join Emily and Amanda for a discussion of current events in markets and personal finance in the summer of 2023. They start with international investments and their recent outperformance of domestic stocks. Then they delve into the "hawkish pause" by the Fed and its potential impact. Finally they wrap up with thoughts on the recent Supreme Court case on student loan forgiveness, and how to approach the upcoming resumption of student loan payments expected to begin this fall.

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