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Propel Financial Advisors - Our Message to Clients Thumbnail

Propel Financial Advisors - Our Message to Clients

Hello, all~

As you well know, the global economy is reeling thanks to the Covid-19 virus. Many of us are experiencing upheaval of our daily lives, lost jobs or wages, and children out of school and daycare. We are really encouraged by the outpouring of community and neighborly support we’ve witnessed, and we, as your financial advisors, are part of your community and are here to support you.

We have purposely not been sending you multiple messages each week. Please know we have been dutifully monitoring the economy and the markets and are keeping cool heads rather than reacting.  We were having regular (and many unplanned) meetings of our investment committee to assess positioning of your portfolios heading into this period.  We have also been having meetings about how we want to construct portfolios once the uncertainty in the market subsides. 

We want to share the following:

·         We anticipated a market downturn, and we have been sharing our thoughts with you about that for the past 5 quarters via a variety of communications.

·         For more than a year, we have been making defensive adjustments in your portfolios, including taking gains in growth stock and moving to bonds and other defensive stock positions.

·         We have made no attempt to time the market. Research study on top of research study shows this is a fool’s errand.

·         Recently we started making small adjustments to some portfolios. That was to trim back some bond funds that owned a considerable amount of junk bonds (lower rated bonds with higher yields).     

As we watch the market behavior, we regularly add to our blog and social media channels on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.  We strongly encourage you to Like or follow us on your preferred platform.  Our links are: 

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 As always, please email or call your advisor with questions.  Most of all, we cannot stress enough that staying calm is the best way to handle this volatility, which is not necessarily indicative of market fundamentals.  We will get through this together.

David, Danielle, Amanda & Emily