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News From the Control Tower - 8/5/2020 Thumbnail

News From the Control Tower - 8/5/2020

News from the control tower this week includes:

1. This recession is already deep. If Congress fails to act, a lot of damage could be permanent.

The recovery looked promising in June, but it has stalled in July. Many economists urge Congress to ‘go big’ on this next relief package.

2. Behind the Vast Market Rally: A Tumbling Dollar

Investors are ramping up wagers on the falling currency, believing the surge in coronavirus cases will hamper U.S. business activity and drive even more government spending

3. FDA’s Shifting Standards for Chinese Face Masks Fuel Confusion

The FDA created confusion about which Chinese masks could be trusted for medical use, giving—and then revoking—its stamp of approval. The agency says it needed to be flexible.

4. The 'Sweat' you drink: Inside the meteoric rise of Asia's answer to Gatorade

The story of a Japanese sports drink that successfully evolved its brand over decades.

5.  Supreme Court Signals Federal Judiciary Won’t Mediate Fights Over Voting and Virus

High court’s conservative majority sees scant constitutional authority to weigh in on state elections

6. Two virtual school meetings ‘zoom-bombed’ with porn in Tri-State districts

It’s always a good time to change your passwords! With school back in session, many Zoom classes are being targeted by hackers.

Bonus: August means it’s finally tomato season!  Check out Dan Waber, a chef-turned-farmer in Pennsylvania who grows 320 kinds of tomatoes:

This Pennsylvania farm has 320 kinds of tomatoes. You’ll want to try them all.