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News From the Control Tower - 5/4/2022 Thumbnail

News From the Control Tower - 5/4/2022

News from the Control Tower: Our weekly curated list of news stories affecting you and your finances.

This week’s reads include:

1.       Americans Are Showing Inflation Fatigue, and Some Companies See a Breaking Point

From cigarette makers to mattress sellers, some executives caution that while spending is strong, American households are less willing to absorb price increases

2.       Mexico: Rail link worth billions won’t go through Texas after Abbott used trade as ‘political tool’

Instead, the proposed rail line would be routed along the far edge of West Texas up through Santa Teresa, N.M., about 20 miles west of downtown El Paso.

3.       The China cushion has deflated — Q&A with Stephen Roach

I spoke to the renowned economist and former Morgan Stanley executive and found him gloomier on China than he’s ever been.

4.       Texas targets financial firms that practice climate-conscious investing

Texas lawmakers want to pull money from companies accused of "boycotting" oil and gas. Implementing the rule is tricky.

5.       The Extraordinary Wealth Created by the Pandemic Housing Market

Rarely have so many Americans gained so much equity in so little time, but it’s also inseparable from the housing affordability crisis.


A new art show in Minneapolis focuses on America as a haunted place. Susan L. Aberth on “Supernatural America”