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News from the Control Tower - 5/13/2021 Thumbnail

News from the Control Tower - 5/13/2021

News from the Control Tower: Our weekly curated list of news stories affecting you and your finances.

This week’s reads include:

1..Everything Screams Inflation

Investors are woefully unprepared for what may be a once-in-a-generation shift in the market

2.  Policymakers Used to Ignore Child Care. Then Came the Pandemic.

Experts who sounded the alarm about the care economy were often shunted to the side of policy discussions. Not anymore.

3.  Credit-Card Debt Keeps Falling. Banks Are On Edge.

Americans are paying off their credit cards at the fastest rates in years. Banks are responding with generous card solicitations and looser underwriting standards.

4.  Man Who Is Paralyzed Communicates By Imagining Handwriting

An experimental device that turns thoughts into text has allowed a man who was left paralyzed by an accident to construct sentences swiftly on a computer screen.

5.  Did money problems stress you out during the pandemic? Financial therapy might be the answer

For many, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc not only on physical health but on two other elements of well-being: our minds and our wallets.

BonusMaya Angelou and Sally Ride Will Be Honored on Quarters

The coins are part of a new U.S. Mint program that will feature as many as 20 American women.