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News From the Control Tower - 4/15/2021 Thumbnail

News From the Control Tower - 4/15/2021

News from the Control Tower: Our weekly curated list of news stories affecting you and your finances.

This week’s reads include:

1.  For the first wave of vaccinated vacationers, venturing into the not-quite-open-world was quiet, cheaper — and a relief

Still, safely vacationing during a pandemic doesn’t necessarily mean a vacation from the pandemic. Escaping one’s own lockdown conditions isn’t the same as escaping lockdown, and for many, vacations haven’t felt quite like the carefree getaways they imagined.

2.  Young Women Are Dropping Out of School and Work. Is Caregiving the Culprit?

While much of the economy is beginning to bounce back, young people — particularly young women — are living a different reality.

3.  With Georgia Voting Law, the Business of Business Becomes Politics

Coca-Cola and Delta received blowback from both left and right for their response to Georgia’s new voting law. Engaging on social issues is now part of the CEO job description, but it’s a treacherous path.

4. Don’t Overreact to Inflation Data this Spring

Jay Shambaugh, Professor of Economics at George Washington University, outlines the reasons to use caution when reading the inflation data over the next few months.

5.  First GMO Mosquitoes to Be Released In the Florida Keys

The EPA approved Oxitec’s mosquitoes for release this spring. Some scientists and locals want to halt the deployment.

Bonus: The High Life

Yosemite rock climbers discover their skills are in demand as wind turbine technicians.