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News From the Control Tower - 3/8/2023 Thumbnail

News From the Control Tower - 3/8/2023

News from the Control Tower: Our weekly curated list of news stories affecting you and your finances.

–Amanda Vaught

Some people know very young what they want out of life, and others can struggle their whole lives to find meaning.  While it’s almost impossible to go through life without comparing yourself to your peers, many do find their own drum to beat. The post-Covid zeitgeist feels that more people are looking to beat their own drums and define success on their own terms, rather than by traditional metrics. I saw this feeling reflected in two separate articles recently: One from a 30-something and one in middle age. A similar sentiment seems to motivate communities beginning to reject the proliferation of dollar stores.

As for our youngest generation, the Chuck E. Cheese metric for fun seems alive and well. They’re still using the same formula as when I was a kid. But even Chuck E. Cheese is mixing up their formula by phasing out their animatronic performers.

And for those in the generation looking to claim Social Security: a recent study showed an incredible number of Americans miss out on benefits by filing too early. I was heartened to see some legislation before Congress to help Americans make better decisions on when to file their claims.

1.       You Don’t Have to Own Things to Be an Adult. So Why Do I Feel Like I Do?

The ways we used to define ‘adult’ no longer apply. The hard part is figuring out what we use now.

2.       Whatever happened to middle age? The mysterious case of the disappearing life stage

Midlife used to mean settling down, going grey and buying a lawnmower. But with relaxation no longer an option, has the concept lost all meaning?

3.       As Dollar Stores Proliferate, Some Communities Say No

More than 70 proposed dollar stores have been rejected since 2019, a report shows. It’s a small number compared with those that opened but evidence of opposition to the industry.

4.       Chuck E. Cheese Still Uses Floppy Disks To Make Its Rodent Mascot Dance — For Now

The retro tech is "quite elegant for what it does," the restaurant chain's floppy disk vendor said.

5.       Lawmakers unveil plan to keep Americans from claiming Social Security too early

A bipartisan group of senators launched a multi-pronged effort this week to help Americans make better decisions about when to claim their Social Security benefits.