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News From the Control Tower - 3/11/2020 Thumbnail

News From the Control Tower - 3/11/2020

This week's reads feature the economic effects of coronavirus, the oil impasse between Russia and Saudi Arabia, tax preparation (and why you might consider hiring a professional), and an interesting look at the collapse of WeWork's IPO. 

1. Putin Dumps MBS to Start a War on America’s Shale Oil Industry.

Russia’s refusal to budge shocked markets and ministers alike. Saudi prince warned other ministers they would regret decisi.

2. What the Russia-Saudi Arabia Impasse Means for Oil Markets.

The near-term outlook for energy companies is bleak and likely to affect our valuations.

3. Why Amazon can't stop coronavirus price gougers.

Packs of Purell hand sanitizer are as high as $350 on Amazon, and the company is struggling to deal with the problem.

4. 9 Reasons to Stop Doing Your Own Taxes.

Software can’t stop you from committing human errors. And life gets complicated for everyone, from Airbnb hosts to widows.

5. Rebekah Neumann's Search For Enlightenment Fueled WeWork's Collapse.

WeWork’s bailout by its largest investor, SoftBank, may permanently obscure the ugliest details behind its demise.