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News From the Control Tower - 12/15/2021 Thumbnail

News From the Control Tower - 12/15/2021

News from the Control Tower: Our weekly curated list of news stories affecting you and your finances.

This week’s reads include:

1.       Investors Should Care About the Logic Behind the ‘Powell Pivot’

There are all sorts of rationales behind Fed chief Jerome Powell’s changed stance on inflation. Why he pivoted matters to investors.

2.       Her Instagram Handle Was ‘Metaverse.’ Last Month, It Vanished.

Five days after Facebook changed its name to Meta, an Australian artist found herself blocked, with seemingly no recourse, from an account documenting nearly a decade of her life and work.

3.       New FDA-approved eye drops could replace reading glasses for millions: "It's definitely a life changer"

The prescription drug utilizes the eye's natural ability to reduce its pupil size.

4.       Rick Steves on the Return of Travel and Why It Matters

The travel writer and TV personality is back in Europe, planning itineraries for next year. Travel, he says, can help us understand the world. Here’s how he recommends doing it.

5.       Worried About Inflation? Here’s What That May Reveal About You.

Age, region, education and income all influence what people think consumer prices will be a few years from now. And that creates a policy puzzle.

Bonus:  Mapping Folklore: Mythical Creatures of the Baltics and Beyond

Categorising the creatures into a number of general groups by their form, nature and attitude towards humans, the map reveals both enormous variety across Europe and broad areas of similarity even between very distant cultures.