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News From the Control Tower - 11/4/2020 Thumbnail

News From the Control Tower - 11/4/2020

News from the Control Tower: Our weekly curated list of news stories affecting you and your finances.

This week’s reads include:

1. This Is Your Brain on Uncertainty

How to keep your (investment) cool when the future remains unclear.

2. October Selloff Leaves Few Places to Hide

Economist Mohamed A. El-Erian on how the formula that had been working so well to sustain investment gains is breaking down as threats to the global economy grow and policies become less effective.

Also see El-Erian commenting on CNBC:

Allianz’s El-Erian on what the U.S. can learn from Europe reimplementing lockdowns

 Both (1) changes in lockdown policy, and (2) failure of a regional approach, leave the UK government with fewer tools to reconcile economic activity and public health.

3. What if They Could Make the Pandemic Go Poof?

The crisis facing magicians is unprecedented. “It’s a scary, scary time,” said one.

4. The Secrets to Success as an Audiobook Narrator

Building a career out of reading books takes commitment, research—and, probably, a sound booth in your home

5. Japan using high-tech experiments to fill baseball stadium

Officials are using high-precision cameras, carbon dioxide-monitoring devices and wind-speed measuring machines as part of countermeasures against COVID-19.

Bonus – Some fascinating history behind the Apple founders

IPhones wouldn’t exist without phone phreakers. An original “blue box” made by Steve Wozniak is up for auction.