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#18 The Current State of International Markets - A discussion with David Vaught Thumbnail

#18 The Current State of International Markets - A discussion with David Vaught

Join us for our season one finale episode on the current state of international markets.

We’ve revealed our own domestic bias by generally sticking to the US stock markets on our podcast. Join us as we delve deeper into international markets and how Propel Financial Advisors approaches investments globally.

Amanda is joined by fellow advisor and CFA, David Vaught, who discuss:

  • How international companies are increasingly global companies,   
  • The impact of the strong US dollar,       
  • Taking advantage of the global opportunity set,       
  • Emerging markets like China and Ghana,    
  • Britain’s recent market turmoil, and
  • Globalization’s impact and how it may evolve in a post-Covid world

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Additional resources

This Washington Post piece gives an excellent overview of the UK turmoil. “Truss implosion shows big change in financial climate

This Wall Street Journal story covers the pros and cons of the strong dollar for American companies: For Corporate America, Strong U.S. Dollar Cuts Both Ways. A rising dollar can put a dent in sales and earnings for some companies or boost business for others

This Planet Money episode gives a nice overview of the impact of the strong dollar on the world’s economies.

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