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Amanda Vaught, Attorney

Amanda doesn’t do anything halfway.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree with honors in Chemistry from the Johns Hopkins University; and she holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Columbia University.  She went on to graduate cum laude from Boston University School of Law.  She is licensed to practice in New York and before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.  She began her law career in 2007 as an intellectual property attorney, but spent the past several years working in financial and securities litigation at a major New York City law firm.  Her practice included litigation regarding allegedly fraudulent mortgage-backed securities, SEC investigations, and shareholder suits, amongst others. 

She left the grind of big law firm work in early 2017 when she joined the investment firm, Mitchell, Vaught & Taylor, and now Propel Financial Advisors with advisory work responsibility.  She excels in statistical analysis and works with the other advisors on portfolio management and reporting for institutional and individual clients. She is a registered investment advisor representative.

Amanda lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two adorable daughters.  She enjoys traveling around the country and visiting with family.